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Brain Storming Mobile app strategy Platinum Edge Media

Campaign planning and creative strategy are fundamental features of our image development services. We build a foundation for your product, provide market insights and competitive research, identify challenges and goals, gather needs and requirements, and create the best strategy that aligns with your vision.


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Campaign Planning & Image Strategy

Consulting Mobile app strategy Platinum Edge Media
  • 30 min

    Free Consultation
  • 30 min

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  • 2 hr Min

    1 hr

    580 Hr+ Travel & Exp
  • 2 hr

    $360 per session
  • 3 hr

    $1125 per session
  • 1 hr

    $265 per session
  • 2 hr

    $520 per session
  • 2 hr

    $320 per session
  • 2 hr

    $320 per session
  • 2 hr

    Pkgs starting @ $320

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