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The Best Of Boudoir

Our shoots are all about you. We don’t get carried away with the fluffy and adorn you with feather boas or frippery. We like to keep it gorgeous and real. With over a three decade of professional photography experience, we know that you will look your absolute best.


We like to keep it gorgeous and real. We theme the shoot into two categories, it just flows that way and so does your confidence. Trust us we have done this thousands of times.


We start the shoot with subtle styling with lots of natural light to capture your best bits. Think soft pink lips, gentle waves in your hair, wrapped in a beautiful silk robe with a hint of a lacy stocking top. Maybe even a bridal garter or your sexy wedding shoes. 


We then move on if you want to crank up the volume with some real Hollywood glamour shots. You know red lips, vintage diamanté jewels, black lace lingerie, Louboutin’s and smoky eyes. By now you will be feeling more relaxed in front of the camera and a lot more confident to give it your best shot.


All that said we do however tailor the shoot entirely around you and if you only want to do Vintage boudoir or Romantic that is exactly what we will do, believe me there are lots of wonderful ways to style you ensuring you get exactly what you are looking for.


We encourage you to bring some personal items of lingerie but the photographs are all about YOU and all about capturing your natural beauty.

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