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Platinum Edge Imaging is Las Vegas premier Headshot Photographer studio specializing in Actor / Model Headshots, Corporate Headshots and Executive Portraits.



His incredible body of work as a headshot and portrait photographer and commercial retoucher has been published internationally and he has gained a lot of recognition in the past years.

He is also being regarded as one of  best Headshot photographers and is the first and only  photographer to cover the entire . He is constantly traveling between San Francisco, Newport Beach and Las Vegas.

 CJ also is teaching his craft in his workshops around the globe. He is an experienced keynote speaker and guest lecturer.

Please contact the Studio for available speaking engagements.




When there are so many Headshots out there calling out for attention, you need to stand out with an engaging, high end quality professional portrait that gives you a great first impression.  To create this we photograph you in simple yet beautiful portrait lighting that compliments the human face, this alone will blow your old Headshot out of the water! We pride ourselves on our skills, experience & dedication working on Headshots for many leading professional modeling agencies to bring out natural expressions that engage with the viewer.  With top of the range equipment that provides high resolution images and our experience in the Headshot photography industry, our focus is on making sure that you’ll always receive a high end quality service that lasts.



We aim to give you a positive experience that you can take away with you so that every time you pull out your card to give to a new connection, those good feelings come flooding back.  We guarantee that you will walk out of the studio feeling stoked with your Headshots and more confident in your image!


We know that your time is important, so we aim to make your Headshot session as simple as possible, from booking, making the photos & all the way through to receiving your finished Headshots!   Our online booking system is simple to use, just choose your date and you’re in!  You can choose your Headshots as we go and we’ll also send you an easy to use proofing gallery with your shoot so that you can check back later.  You’ll walk away from your session knowing you’ve got amazing professional portraits.   



Find it difficult to make time to update your professional Headshot?
We want to make it easy… Let’s make it even easier for you to book your brand-new headshot session!
We offer weekday evening sessions in the studio and 
we have Saturday sessions available!
We know how busy you are during the week, time is important to all of us 
and for some of us it’s very limited.  We want to make it simple for you to have the best head shots you can get, in the easiest way possible, just visit our online Headshot Booking page to make your instant booking now.



Like most of us, you may not be comfortable in front of the camera, in fact you probably hate it.  Unfortunately this feeling probably comes from a bad experience the last time you had your photograph taken.  Not all photographers know how to make effective Headshots!  Without the right experience behind the camera, your professional portraits can often come across stiff & lifeless, making them less effective for your branding.  The Headshot Creative is here to help Adelaide professionals like you, create a killer professional headshot that is confident & approachable & is 100% authentic!  We spend quality time with you in our Headshot coaching sessions, building up your confidence until you are working the camera & naturally making the best Headshots you’ve ever had.



professional Adelaide headshot photographers, we will help lift your image game, helping you stand out as a South Australian leading professionspecialised, trusted, topConfident, approachable headshots & executive corporate portraits that give you a great first impression & bring out the best in you.  Speak to us at The Headshot Creative.  

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